Estarta Solutions participates through the JOITED Event in the Jordanian Pavilion of EXPO2020 Dubai

The Information and Communication Technology Association in Jordan - Int@j Participates within the Jordanian pavilion at Expo 2020 - Dubai, which will be hosting an event titled Jordanian Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship in Dubai- JOITED which will be held for 5 days from February 21st to 25th. Dr. Mutaz H. Nabulsi, representing Estarta, moderated a discussion session on Jordanian IT talents and their role in making Jordan an ITO/BPO International Hub. This event will provide a platform for communication and networking between more than 150 participating Jordanian companies and many Emirati and international companies and agencies currently present at Expo 2020, with the aim of highlighting the distinguished Jordanian talents and companies in the technology and information sector.

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