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Estarta is a global Network Engineering and Information Technology company, specialized in comprehensive outsourced technical and premium service solutions. Throughout our 32 ​​years of operation, we have delivered expertise to clients through a wide range of services which have supported our clients' success. We are headquartered in Jordan and operate in multiple markets throughout the Middle East and Europe, providing services in 13​ different languages. Our talented team members are equipped with cutting-edge tools and practices rooted in quality, and focused on delivering optimal performance and consistent results to our partners and clients.​

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Professional Network Services & Solutions

Estarta offers a diverse array of professional services and advanced solutions that leverage the most cutting edge network solutions and technologies to help our clients better manage their networks and achieve maximum utilization of their ICT resources.

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Specialized Outsourcing

Estarta provides end to end global outsourcing solutions (offshore and onsite). Our services and solutions are delivered to optimize our clients’ effectiveness through the proper mix of internal staff, outside consulting and project outsourcing. Estarta’s success is based on attracting, developing and retaining the best technical talent.

Innovative Turnkey Products

Estarta Research and Development capabilities offer practical and cost-effective solutions. Estarta’s products enable clients to maximize their business performance by providing them with targeted solutions to overcome the challenges they face to efficiently achieve their ultimate goal.

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Technical Training

Estarta’s training services empower employees to excel by equipping technical teams with the required knowledge to achieve their business objectives. An investment by our clients in training their people is an investment in the future of their business and its most valuable resource, developing their skills and upgrading their knowledge to remain always on the cutting edge of their industry.

Estarta’s Quality Policy

Estarta Solutions continually strives to be the best innovative leader in delivering outsourcing services to the world’s most prestigious companies, in the area of advanced technical support and customer service from its offices in Amman, Jordan. Through the untapped potential of its employees, their rich expertise, and its great leadership team, Estarta employees are all accountable for fully satisfying our customers by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations with best-in- class solutions and services, maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction at all times.

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