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Job Title



Professional Services and Solutions


Junior or Senior



Role Description


Help solve technically complex, strategic, high-profile, or long-running customer cases that may require interaction with software engineering.

Required Skills

  • Responsible for the customer support experience.
  • Own, troubleshoot, and solve customer technical issues using collaboration, troubleshooting best practices, and transparency within and across teams (e.g., swarming).
  • Identify cases that require escalation (either technically or strategically).
  • Create and maintain incident management requests for the product group or engineering group.
  • Contribute to case deflection initiatives, automation, and other digital self-help assets to improve the customer and engineer experience.
  • Provide ramp activities, knowledge sharing, technical coaching, and mentoring.
  • Drive technical collaboration and engagement outside of CSS (product engineering teams, services, support, regions).
  • Lead or participate in building communities with peer delivery roles; this may be workload- or specialty-specific.

Qualifications & Certificates

Language Qualifications:

English Language: fluent in reading, writing, and speaking.

Technical qualifications:

  • Strong network and/or VoIP experience with underlying technologies such as
    • Routing and switching protocols,
    • TCP, DNS, QoS, SIP
    • VLANs and WAN protocols and technologies
  • Knowledge of Office 365 technologies, particularly Skype for Business and Teams

Experience in one or more of these areas is desirable.

  • Experience in Office 365 authentication and voice offerings
  • Expert knowledge of voice protocols such as SIP as well as Azure AD Connect
  • Previous experience deploying, administering, or supporting Enterprise Unified Communications solutions.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data captures and trace logs to resolve customer issues in production environments specific to authentication, network connectivity, messaging, SIP or VoIP, and unified communications.
  • Experience troubleshooting and resolving problems on Skype for Business Online, Teams, and hybrid environments set up with Lync Server 2013 and Skype for Business Server 2015–2019.
  • Experience working with network capture and analysis tools: Netmon, WireShark, and HTTP decryption tools.


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Experience building relationships with customers.
  • Self-motivation and an ability to use initiative.
  • Demonstrated the ability to work independently and to adapt to ambiguous and changing situations.

Primarily, you should be skilled in:


Level: “Intermediate/Expert”
1. Skype, Expert
2. VoIP, Expert
3. Voice and Azure AD, Expert
4. Sip, Expert
5. Office 365, Intermediate