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Job Title

Cybersecurity Automation: Network Consultant Engineer


Professional Services




Riyadh, KSA

Role Description

We seek a candidate with a robust skill set and a passion for cybersecurity. The ideal candidate should have
proficiency in backend programming languages such as Python and PowerShell for script development.
Additionally, strong front-end programming skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with experience in front-
End platforms like Angular or React are crucial for success in this role. A solid understanding of SIEM solutions,
with expertise in platforms like Splunk and proficiency in SOAR platforms such as xSOAR and Demisto,

Required Skills

• Proficiency in backend languages: Python, PowerShell
• Frontend programming skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
• Familiarity with frontend platforms: Angular, React
• Strong knowledge of SIEM solutions (e.g., Splunk)
• Proficiency in SOAR platforms: xSOAR, Demisto
• Experience with cybersecurity frameworks: EDR, Decoy, DLP, RSA Netwitness
• Strong analytical skills for threat intelligence and incident response
• Experience in API integrations
• Understanding of networking protocols
• Adherence to security best practices

Qualifications & Certificates

Familiarity with cybersecurity frameworks, including EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), Decoy, and DLP (Data
Loss Prevention), and RSA Netwitness is a must. Your ability to navigate threat intelligence and analyze or respond
Security incidents are core skills we are looking for in our ideal candidate. Experience in API integrations, a
Strong understanding of networking protocols and knowledge of security best practices contribute significantly.
to success in this role.