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Software and Application Consultancy

Our seasoned consultants bring in-depth industry knowledge to the table, ensuring that your software and applications align seamlessly with your business objectives. Whether you’re seeking to optimize existing systems or embark on innovative software ventures, our consultants provide tailored recommendations, best practices, and strategic insights to drive efficiency, enhance user experiences, and fuel sustainable growth.

Two people are seated at a desk working together on computers. The woman, from the business consultancy team, is pointing at one of the monitors which displays coding and an image, while the man attentively looks at the screen. Both appear focused and engaged in their work.
Two colleagues stand behind a transparent board covered with colorful diagrams and notes. The woman, smiling, writes on the board with a marker while the man looks on thoughtfully. They seem engaged in a collaborative business advisory discussion or consultancy problem-solving session.

IT Project Management

In our specialized IT Project Management offerings, we assemble a proficient team of seasoned Project Managers dedicated to spearheading network-centric projects. Our focus centers on driving forward initiatives linked to the seamless assimilation of cutting-edge technologies into customer network infrastructure. This encompasses a wide spectrum, including hardware and software advancements, while also coordinating substantial contract renewals. Our accomplished team primarily comprises PMP-certified experts, boasting extensive proficiency in this arena.

Our Network Consulting Engineers and Asset Managers play pivotal roles, ensuring a comprehensive approach to project execution that assures flawlessly intertwined processes. This entails optimal allocation of resources, a vital component for project success. Notably, our scope encompasses a wide gamut, covering planning, designing, implementation, and migration phases.

At the heart of our expertise lies a deep-rooted understanding of diverse technologies. Our proficiency spans key domains such as Data Center, Security, Cybersecurity, Service Provider, Enterprise, and Collaboration technologies. This breadth enables us to guide projects with precision across multifaceted technological landscapes.

UI/UX Design

Our comprehensive consultancy services delve into the intricate methods and tactics encompassing UI/UX design. By engaging our consultancy service, companies gain access to invaluable expertise that propels them toward achieving their UI/UX goals. Through this service, businesses are equipped with the knowledge and strategies necessary to cultivate UI/UX designs that not only meet their requirements but also exceed their expectations.

Close-up of a person working on a wireframe design for a mobile app or website. Papers with sketched layouts and red arrows are spread across a table, accompanied by markers and a laptop. The person, possibly from an SEO consultancy, is meticulously arranging the wireframes, planning the user interface.
A person in a blue shirt is installing or removing a hard drive in a server rack in a data center, with the view from below showing their hands and the server equipment. The setting appears to be professional and technical, reflecting an environment where high-quality consultancy services are essential.


Within our Presales division, our team of skilled engineers serves as the backbone of support for the sales departments. By providing invaluable technical insights, our engineers empower sales teams to construct compelling and finely-tuned business offers that stand out in the competitive landscape. Their expertise not only enhances the quality of our proposals but also equips customers with the know-how to secure successful deals. This collaborative approach ensures that our clients receive tailored solutions that precisely address their needs, setting the stage for enduring partnerships and mutual growth.

Data and AI

Estarta’s Data and AI services provide companies with the insights they need to make informed decisions and boost performance. As we enter the next epoch of technology, Estarta has meticulously tailored cutting-edge cloud services to embrace these unprecedented times.

Our state-of-the-art offerings include Data Engineering, Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud Computing, Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analysis, Automation, Reports, and Dashboards for at-a-glance visibility. With Estarta’s solutions, streamline your business processes so your numbers become strategic assets!

A person uses a tablet displaying colorful charts and graphs, including a bar graph, pie chart, and line graph. A calculator and printed charts with analysis data are on the desk. The person is interacting with the tablet, analyzing data for business advisory purposes.