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Technical Assistance Center

Estarta’s specialized support unit that provides comprehensive hardware, software, planning, and troubleshooting services to customers who are facing technical issues or challenges related to products, services, or systems. Our highly skilled engineers deliver exceptional front-line technical support, with the primary responsibility to diagnose and resolve complex technical issues, enabling prompt and effective resolution.

A man with glasses and a beard sits at a desk with a computer monitor displaying code. He rests his chin on his hand, appearing deep in thought. Another similar setup is partially visible in the background, suggesting a shared ICT workspace focused on innovative solutions.
Three people collaborate in a modern office. One person sits at a desk working on a laptop while two others stand nearby, discussing documents spread on the table. The office environment features large monitors and technical equipment, emphasizing its focus on ICT solutions in the background.

Asset Management

Our dedicated team oversees the maintenance of our clients’ installed bases, offering comprehensive reporting capabilities for both hardware and software acquisitions. We provide indispensable assistance to stakeholders throughout the support contract renewal process and on a day-to-day basis. Our Asset Managers play a pivotal role in guiding informed decisions regarding new hardware and software acquisitions.

Cloud Support Services

Offers comprehensive and proactive assistance in navigating the complexities of cloud computing. Estarta’s dedicated team of experts ensures seamless integration, optimization, and continuous management of your cloud infrastructure, empowering your business to harness the full potential of cloud technology. Our Cloud Support Services guarantee a reliable and secure cloud environment, allowing you to focus on innovation and growth while we handle the technical intricacies.

A man with glasses stands in a dimly lit industrial server room, meticulously working on a laptop. Clad in a dark sweater and sporting a lanyard with an ID badge, he is immersed in providing ICT solutions. Bright overhead lights illuminate numerous metal racks and equipment behind him.
A smiling woman wearing a headset sits at a desk while working in an office. Dressed in a white blouse, she appears engaged in a conversation, likely discussing ICT solutions. The background features large windows with soft, natural light filtering through.

Customer Support Services

Our customer support team is 24/7 committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by addressing your inquiries, resolving issues, and offering proactive solutions in a timely and effective manner.

Application Development and Maintenance

Led by a team of seasoned technical experts, Estartans are dedicated to expediting the onboarding, adoption, and utilization of software solutions for our customers. By leveraging their deep expertise, we ensure a swift and seamless integration process. Our commitment to accelerating your software journey underscores our dedication to your success, making us the ideal partner for harnessing the full potential of your software investments.

A person is using a laptop, typing code that is displayed on the screen. The left half of the screen shows text in a blue terminal window, and the right half displays lines of code in a dark-themed editor. Seated at a desk, they are crafting innovative ICT solutions with precision and focus.
Individuals in business attire are seated at a glass table, looking at financial charts and graphs on a tablet and papers. One person's hand is pointing at the tablet, highlighting data. The scene, enhanced by ICT solutions, suggests a business meeting or discussion on financial performance.

Account Management

Our Account Management team is dedicated to the success of our strategic accounts. Our individual contributors take charge of fostering customer success, ensuring the alignment of engineering services with contract commitments, and addressing significant escalations to enhance the customer experience.

We believe in keeping the conversation ongoing, which is why we conduct Quarterly Business Reviews to stay in sync with our clients. With our team serving as the primary touchpoint for key stakeholders on the customer’s side, their exceptional performance often becomes a driving force for renewals and potential upsells.

We pride ourselves on building strong relationships and delivering results that propel both our clients and our company forward.

IT Help Desk and User Support

Our IT Help Desk and User Support services are tailored for high-tier customers, offering dedicated assistance for incidents, root cause analysis, and Problem Management recommendations, providing 24/7 service. As the frontline of customer service, we support both internal users and external accounts.

Our Escalation Support Specialists work behind the scenes to handle non-business-impacting escalations, collaborating with engineering to prioritize and resolve critical issues. We’re committed to delivering swift solutions and ensuring client satisfaction.

A technician, kneeling and focusing on a cable, works in a server room filled with racks of servers illuminated by green and blue lights. The background shows various wires and equipment, indicating a complex technological environment where ICT solutions are meticulously implemented.