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Specialized Estarta Products​

We offer a wide range of high-end products and custom solutions in a variety of sectors, including:

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A4SADAD is a widely deployed product that accelerates integration with the SAMA-SADAD network for banks and billers.

SADAD is Saudi Arabia’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) service, sponsored and controlled by SAMA and operated by Saudi Payments.


This serves as a powerful accelerator for the eFAWATEERcom “Switch Web Services” integration. B4Fawateer is a highly cost-effective solution for banks in the region that connects them to the broad eFAWATEERcom network.


The eFAWATEERcom Integrator is a powerful API solution that connects billers and banks in Jordan to the eFAWATEERcom network, which is the main presentation and payment (EBPP) service in the country.

Electronic Correspondence System

This is an enterprise mail circulation/tracking solution that aims to streamline processes in large organizations. ECS provides a central repository, transaction imaging and scanning, routing across departments and centers, transaction movement tracking, barcode reading/printing, and transaction filing/classification.

Customer Complaint System

The CCS® is a Customer Complaint Management System that enables companies to retain their customers, comply with industry regulations, and avoid potential product liability lawsuits. This product improves the company’s performance by letting it promptly process complaints, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and a better brand reputation.

Also, a CCS® provides a broad set of features any company needs, such as Customer Complaint Tracking, Communication Management, Corrective Actions, Customer Feedback, a dashboard, Issue Tracking, Email/SMS Notifications, and Evaluation Surveys.


Our HRMS is a comprehensive system comprised of several modules and portals to enable the HR team, managers, and employees to perform their activities in the most efficient way. The HRMS aims to modernize HR functions, elevate productivity, and enhance communication; these are some of the major benefits of the HRMS’s automation of processes and functions.

This solution is customizable, user-friendly, secure, reliable, scalable, and up-to-date with current laws.