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Estarta Greece Celebrates ONE YEAR in Greece

Celebrating One Year of Estarta Greece

The Greece project has been one of the most notable for Estarta. There are a number of reasons for this success.

Estarta marks a significant milestone this June as it celebrates its first anniversary of opening its Greece branch to the world. In just 365 days, Estarta has witnessed so much immense growth. Let us look over the highlights of this growth together below.

Estarta Athens Project

The Athens project has been one of the most notable for Estarta. There are a number of reasons for this success. With a solid, capable, and dedicated team, the Greece branch is one of the success stories that Estarta is most proud of!

Over the course of this year, Estarta has accomplished a great deal. The main accomplishment has been, without a doubt, opening a number of new teams, covering a vast array of technologies and service offerings. These solutions are what cement Estarta as a market leader within the ICT industry.

Estarta Success Story in Athens

Thus, Estarta established the Greece branch in 2023, expanding in 2024 to include more departments, such as VISE, Hardware, Licensing, and PAS. This growth has been and is continually supported by proper planning and a strategic foundation. Through these endeavors, the branch has grown to operate with almost 200 ICT professionals!

Moreover, the Jordan teams regularly provide several trainings through the Estarta Training Academy. This includes CCNA and other related fields that the Estarta Training Academy is specialized in. In addition, Estarta celebrated a number of recognition programs and events as well.

Final Thoughts

Looking back on the year that has passed, Estarta has watched the Greece team grow from the small pre-opening team to the vast team it is today, covering several technologies. Estarta overall now boasts 1800+ ICT experts. Furthermore, Estarta looks forward to the many milestones to come as it celebrates this one. Cheers to a happy one year anniversary, Estarta Greece.

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