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Estarta PSS Department’s Training Program: Fueling Tomorrow’s Tech Talent

Estarta Training Program

Estarta is vastly known for its well-rounded training programs offered by “Estarta Training Academy”. Playing a major role in developing and guiding future IT talent, the company hosted a comprehensive training program for UJ students last month.

Delivered by several domain experts from the PSS (Professional Services and Solutions) department, the program was designed to specifically cover the main processes of software development and engineering.

Lasting nearly a month, this initiative aimed to equip UJ students with valuable insights and skills that are integral to the ICT sector and the digital transformation process as well.

Estarta Professional Services and Solutions

Estarta’s PSS department acts as the backbone for many of the company’s offerings. Prominent organizations turn to Estarta for outsourcing their software projects, making this department a key contributor in the organization’s success journey.

PSS Training Program: September Batch

Estarta is always keen on bridging the gap between academia and practicing professionals.

Students in this batch were introduced to a variety of important areas that make up the basis of Estarta’s operations during the first two weeks of the program:

Introduction: What is Estarta?

For the introductory segment of the course, the program’s structure and the ethos of Estarta were highlighted to the students.

In addition, they had a glimpse of how they would delve into the technicalities of software development, discovering its purposes and deliverables!

Project Management and Agile Project Management

This bit covered both conventional project management and agile approaches and elements, which are key to successful project execution.

Product Management and Business Analysis

Students got to gain an overview of the product management cycle and tactics, as well as the critical function of business analysis.

User Experience and User Interface

This program’s chapter underscored the value of building easy-to-use interfaces and modern user experiences. It was made clear that one should never underestimate the power of an aesthetic design that fulfills the specific needs of the application users!

Quality Management and Testing

For this part of the course, quality concepts were put into practical terms to maintain high standards of delivery. Testing processes and the related types, categories, and procedures were taught to students.

Programming and Databases

Last but not least, the foundations of programming, databases, and related concepts were analyzed.

PSS Training Program at a Glance

Week One

On September 13th, the program began with a lively introductory day designed to break the ice and introduce everyone to the training setup. The importance of software deliverables and documentation, as well as the phases, functions, and processes of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), were all covered in depth by the program.

The emphasis then switched to project management and agility, including methods for project management, risk management, progress tracking and reporting, and a dive into agile methodologies like Scrum by experienced, long-practicing project managers.

Week Two

By the second week, the students dove into business analysis and product management. This involved grasping product roadmaps and backlogs, setting priorities, outlining demands, and managing stakeholders. These competencies are essential to Estarta’s product-centric strategy.

After that, they addressed the fundamentals of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), introducing design thinking, UI/UX terminologies, and stressing the significance of research, ideation, and prototyping in producing top-notch user interfaces.

The focus shifted to Quality and Testing, which educated students on software quality assurance, testing life cycles, different testing types, and bug management. It is important to note that these are all crucial components in providing clients with high-quality solutions.

The following lesson was devoted to programming; this section covered all the basics of programming paradigms, object-oriented programming, APIs, data structures, and databases. A full day was dedicated to covering databases in depth, including data types, syntax, operators, expressions, joins, comments, functions, and queries.

A Successful End to the Program

As the program came to a close, students explored development frameworks and concepts from experienced developers who put specific frontend and backend technologies, languages, platforms, etc., into practical contexts.

Along with learning important information, these students got to know what it’s like to work in the PSS department at Estarta as the weeks went on. The knowledge they picked up here will surely put them on the road to success and may even enable them to contribute to the future of outsourcing in the tech sector.

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