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Estarta's CSR Initiative in Ramadan

Estarta’s CSR Initiative in Ramadan

With a strong dedication to making a positive impact in the community, Estarta has outlined an extensive Ramadan agenda.

With Ramadan being the season of giving back, Estarta marked itself as an organization committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). With a strong dedication to making a positive impact in the community, Estarta has outlined an extensive Ramadan agenda aimed at participating in various volunteering events.

Estarta Ramadan At a Glance

Estarta proudly participated in several Ramadan volunteering events organized throughout the month. These events reflected the spirit of Ramadan and showed Estarta’s core values of compassion and community support.

1. Children’s Museum

Estarta kicked off its Ramadan volunteering efforts by participating in an event at the Children’s Museum on March 26. This initiative aimed to create a joyful and educational experience for children during the holy month.

Children's Museum Estarta

2. Mawaed Al-Rahman

On March 30, Estarta extended its support to Mawaed Al-Rahman (Tkiyet Um Ali), a charitable organization dedicated to providing meals to those in need. By joining hands with Tkiyet Um Ali, Estarta contributed to alleviating hunger and spreading kindness within the community.

3. Food Packaging

Continuing its commitment to serving the community, Estarta actively participated in a food packaging event on April 1st. Collaborating with Tkiyet Um Ali, Estarta volunteers worked tirelessly to pack essential food items for distribution to underprivileged families.

4. Food Distribution

On April 3rd, Estarta will continue its efforts by participating in a food distribution drive organized by Tkiyet Um Ali. Volunteers from Estarta will head over to Jerash to distribute food packages to families in need, spreading hope and compassion during Ramadan.

Final Thoughts

Estarta’s involvement in these Ramadan volunteering events underscores its commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. By actively participating in initiatives aimed at supporting the less fortunate, Estarta strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families during Ramadan.

As the holy month progresses, Estarta remains dedicated to upholding its values of empathy, generosity, and service to humanity. Through its continued efforts in CSR initiatives, Estarta aims to inspire positive change and foster a spirit of unity and compassion within the community.

In conclusion, Estarta’s CSR initiative in Ramadan exemplifies its unwavering commitment to giving back and making a tangible impact in the lives of others. By engaging in volunteering events and supporting charitable organizations, Estarta not only honors the spirit of Ramadan but also fulfills its mission of corporate social responsibility.

Check out more here. Well, that is a wrap for our Ramadan CSR. If you enjoyed this article, then you may enjoy reading about our recent showcase at LEAP. For more Estarta news, head over to our Estarta Blog.

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