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Licensing Operation Specialist

The Licensing Operation Specialist is a business operations professional responsible for supporting commercial executives in closing Volume Licensing (VL) deals and seeing them through to processing. You will manage the pricing of VL deals and work with and through the wider sales teams, both internally and externally. You will be measured on execution metrics that ensure on-time and quality deals. You will provide expert advice and consultation to the sales team in relation to licensing solutions for customers.
The individual performs certain aspects of the following work: • Designs the "look and feel" of software applications, websites, and print media. • Development of integrated brand strategy, visual design concepts, product attributes, and iconography. • Evaluate and acquire imaging content. • Assist in addressing user experience and interface design based on existing guidelines. • Implement or design prototypes for usability. • Address global design issues across product groups for print, online, and documentation models.
The Network Engineer is responsible for providing post-sale technical support worldwide for customers of medium to large-scale networks. The Technical Support Engineers have in-depth knowledge of Cisco hardware issue resolution.
The Customer Service Representative (CSR) will be responsible for providing support for a wide range of services. As the first point of contact, the CSR will represent the brand promise by delivering a low-effort experience and driving a complete resolution of the customer’s needs. The CSR will support customers, partners, and employees through a variety of channels, such as phone, email, and chat. Complex and out-of-scope work will be passed quickly to the next level of support.


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