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Estarta celebrates the 11th anniversary of Girls in ICT in a special event

Estarta Solutions Celebrates “Girls in ICT Day” Estarta Solutions recognizes International Girls in ICT Day, held on April 28, 2022. 

A discussion panel was held and hosted passionate and talented female engineers who have been working in the field for multiple years and in various departments and positions, and was presented by Amira ElAli – PR & Communications manager. 

The Panel members were: Bilcais Elbargathi- Technical Consulting Engineer /IPCC Team Heba Al Dawood – Project Manager / PMO Team Heba Habashneh – Presales Technical Specialist /War room team Esraa Al Tamimi – Team Manager /switching team Layan Khader – Technical Consulting Engineer/ AAA team Hebah Habashneh – Technical Consulting Engineer/ ACI team Dima Shaltaf – HR officer in the Talent Acquisition team The team shared their story, the challenges they faced working in the ICT sector and how they overcame those challenges, gained the knowledge that made them able today to send a message to all the young girls struggling out there to pursue careers enabled by technology and study STEAM fields.

On the other hand, Dima Shaltaf highlighted on the notable increment in the female applicants and added 

“It is also worth mentioning that Estarta believes in equality and proves though by not showing gender prejudice in recruitment and wage gap.We now are proud to say that we have a percentage of 46% female employees, and our numbers are increasing day by day!

We are living in a digital world where social networks are very important”

“We at Estarta ensure gender equality between men and women with the aim to raise awareness, and highlight Estarta’s supportive management that invests in our females and in their development in the ICT field, we are lucky to be part of this organization were males empower females, working mothers and help in having a work-life balanced environment”

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