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Regional Conference for Cyber Diplomacy and Governance

Estarta Participates in the First Regional Conference for Cyber Diplomacy and Governance

Represented by its CEO, Dr. Mutaz H. Nabulsi, Estarta participated in the first regional conference on Cyber Diplomacy and Governance: Opportunities, Challenges, and Ways Forward for the Arab Countries, organized by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, the Jordanian National Centre for Cyber Security, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), May 17th, 2022, Jordan. With the number of threats increasing in cyberspace, many countries are in the process of developing their internet policies and are part of the ongoing UN negotiations on the issue of security in the use of ICTs. Multiple sessions covered numerous points, such as cyber capacity building principles and how they can be operationalized in regional contexts.

How can Arab countries work through and with international and regional organizations to build confidence? Also, what is the role of the private sector and other non-governmental stakeholders in building cyber capacity and implementing confidence-building measures? Dr. Nabulsi covered capacity-building and confidence-building measures for cyberspace, focusing on public-private partnerships, diversity, and inclusion’s importance in providing needed resources in the Cyber security space. He also emphasized the importance of the partnership between the private and public sectors and how they should cooperate to draw up a road map of collaboration to ensure a secure environment.

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