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A group of seven men smiling and standing on a soccer field at night, holding trophies and wearing medals around their necks. They are dressed in sportswear, with some wearing shorts and athletic shoes. A chain-link fence and field lights are visible in the background.

Estarta Crowns Team FC Mix as the Football Winner

Estarta Solutions finished its prime event of awareness for the month of November as a part of movember campaign to highlight the importance of mental and physical health for its Gents employees.

The campaign consisted of multiple activities with the football league being the main event; it had multiple playoffs, quarter, semi and final games which the Team FC Mix was crowned for as the champion of for the year 2021.

The League created great memories and contributed to a healthy sportsmanship between the players and employees in addition to a much-needed exercise and team activity after such a great year in work and commitment. 

The final match had a noticeable enthusiasm and was attended by employees who cheered for their colleagues as well as the management team who were there to support and encourage such positive activities that highlights the mental and physical health and the importance of sports and exercise for our gents employees whether done individually or collectively as a team. We Would like to thank our employees for making this league a memorable one for all of us.

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