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Hello World Kids and Estarta Solutions Partnership

The Jordanian EdTech company Hello World Kids and Estarta Solutions technology company announced that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership. 

The partnership aims to transform the local community and achieve the companies’ common goal to invest in the next generation by offering them the best advantages to help them in their future. 

The agreement brings together Hello World Kids’ creative educational services and technological expertise with Estarta Solutions training services and commitment to excellence. Outstanding students who learn coding on HelloCode will now have the opportunity to participate in technical training and courses on network services and solutions designed by the Estarta team. The program will introduce young students to the work environment and the ICT sector. 

In the long run, this program aims to contribute to the economic growth and development of the community by investing in the youth through the mix of HelloCode education and Estarta’s professional training and empowering them to reach their potential. Hello World Kids develops unique and fun coding education for kids, whether at home or school. Kids learn to code using HelloCode, an online multilingual and interactive platform that aims to prepare new generations for the future with crucial skills like problem-solving, analytical thinking, and data analysis. Kids obtain these skills by learning text-based coding science in simplified and creative methods. 

HelloCode platform, recognized as the biggest Arab community to teach programming to kids, with over 350,000 projects submitted by kids younger than 12 years old and over 4.5 million lines of code recorded by children using SmoothY programming languages from many countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman. Hanan Khader, founder and CEO of Hello World Kids said: “We are pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Estarta Solutions and very proud to partner with a company well-known for its long and successful experience in the Information Technology sector. We believe that students from the schools that adopt the HelloCode curricula in their educational system are the main beneficiaries of this training program. One of the main reasons for launching this program is our constant concern for the student’s best interests and ensuring their future success by providing them with the best advantages”. 

Regarding the HelloCode international certification program, she added: “Our mission is to provide quality coding education for kids; To ensure that this quality education can be effective for their future, we are currently building the HelloCode international certification program. This program will provide kids with accredited certification and plenty of perks and benefits from our international partners. This new strategic partnership with Estarta Solutions is our first step towards providing HelloCode students with many benefits and fulfilling our mission”. 

Estarta Solutions is a global Network Engineering and Information Technology company that specializes in comprehensive outsourced technical and premium service solutions. Throughout 31 years of operation, they delivered expertise to clients through a wide range of services that have supported their clients’ success. They are headquartered in Jordan and operate in multiple markets throughout the Middle East and Europe, providing services in 10 different languages. 

Their talented team is equipped with cutting-edge tools and practices rooted in quality and focused on delivering optimal performance and consistent results to their partners and clients. Mutaz H. Nabulsi, CEO of Estarta Solutions commented: “We’re proud to be announcing our partnership with Hello World Kids that focuses on providing quality coding education for kids by building the HelloCode international certification program, this partnership shows our commitment and belief that in order to build a talent pool for the new digital economy we must start at an early age”. 

This strategic partnership marks the ongoing efforts Hello World Kids are taking to expand the scope of benefits that young programmers will receive through their educational experience on HelloCode, and the first perk of many to come in the bath of building the HelloCode international certification program. HelloCode international certification program will launch in 2023 with many benefits from international partners for its young holders to ensure their future success.

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